Plural perspectives on Bighorn Country: restor(y)ing land use governance and bull trout population health in Alberta

Plural Perspectives on Bighorn Country: restor(y)ing land use governance and bull trout population health in Alberta .

This project is led by Co-Principal Investigators Janelle Baker (Athabasca University) and Zoe Todd (Carleton University). Our team is led by Bill Snow (Consultation Manager, Stoney Nakoda Nation), Lorelei Hanson (Athabasca University), Ozayr Saloojee (Carleton). We are working with journalist Cheryl Croucher to develop a podcast on the history of bull trout population conservation in Alberta. This project is running until 2022. Check back for more info as we update!

Some background on the project here:


Honouring Indigenous laws, science, and environmental knowledge

Working through the leadership of Bill Snow, Consultation Manager for the Stoney Nakoda Nation, our team is interested in how to encourage scientists and policymakers to honour Indigenous environmental knowledge and self-determination in trout conservation in Alberta’s eastern slopes.


This project unites Indigenous knowledge, legal orders, science, art, advocacy with western approaches to produce reciprocal tools for longterm watershed stewardship.


Building on the (re)claiming and (re)storying work of Indigenous scholar Cutcha Risling Baldy (2015), we strive to employ dynamic and plural methodologies to acknowledge the power of Indigenous stories in re-shaping settler understandings of responsibilities to freshwater fish in Alberta’s waterways.

Fish futures

Alberta is home to vital freshwater fish species under incredible threat from cumulative environmental pressures. We are working with diverse partners to protect fish futures for all.

News about ongoing work by team members:

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“Janelle Baker wins distinguished dissertation award”:

“Ozayr Saloojee’s team wins Studio Prize from Architect Magazine”

“Meeting of the Minds: Dr. Lorelei Hanson, Part II”

Restor(y)ing fish futures. Together.

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