About Our Team

We are a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scientists, artists, writers, landscape architects, architects, environmentalists, journalists, and community leaders who came together in 2018 to honour reciprocal responsibilities to freshwater fish in watersheds locally and globally. In our work in Canada, we work from the principle that every part of the country is a fish place. Through our fish restor(y)ing approach, we aim to re-centre freshwater fish in the collective imagination and governance of our communities across the country and in homelands around the planet, with an explicit focus on honouring Indigenous legal-ethical relations. Our team has decades of combined experience in conservation, ecology, policy development, governance, infrastructure planning, and knowledge mobilization at the local and international scale. We are restor(y)ing fish futures, together, by working across plural Indigenous homelands to protect freshwater fish for now and the future.

We are always building new relationships and networks so check back regularly for updates on our ongoing work.

Lorelei Hanson

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